English version

I will translate my others texts, but please, wait a little more! ;)



I wake up and start my day
It’s time to find my way
And go on soft and free
Now, I can feel the breeze

Leaves dance around the ground
It’s time for a new version
And for seeing a season moving out.

Here, there’s no Spring
No Winter or Summer – so hot!
It’s Autumn in Rio
And inside my heart.

In english ;)
Day after day

Day after day
Melancholy stays
Monotony doesn’t go away

Day after day
I’d like to sigh again
But now everything is grey

Day after day
My life is so healthy, anyway
And so empty, I have to say

Day after day
I keep myself anxious
Or happy (through some mysterious way)

Day after day
I follow no guide

Night after night
Insomnia is on my mind

Day after day
I cry
And one day


I translated, but there's no rhymes...

If you don’t have somebody to love.

It doesn’t matter to have money and a place to live in
It doesn’t matter you have a garden, a backyard and a orchard
It doesn’t matter go to London if nobody goes with you
You don’t have a whole life if you don’t have somebody to love

It doesn’t matter to have a family if nobody takes your breath away
It doesn’t matter you have furniture and good clothes to wear
It doesn’t matter you come back if nobody is there for wait
It doesn’t matter you live so much if you don’t have somebody to love

It doesn’t matter to make poetry if you have nobody to dedicate
It doesn’t matter to write tales if you don’t have anybody to show them
It doesn’t matter to be a great dancer if you never have a partner to shake
There’s no complete gain if you don’t share your well-being
You don’t laugh of silly things if you don’t have somebody to love.

There is a kind of poetry that I really like to write: that one with heterometrical verses. And it is with heterometrical verses poetry that I will follow on the next days. :) (I wrote this poetry in Portuguese first, so in English it will be hard to let it with heterometrical verses! Anyway, I will translate it).

Carnival has already come
On soccer country
Beer and free sex
Go together `sun after sun`
My honour is washing
My body is horning
Here is so normal
Drink until the morning comes
So, let`s celebrate
And enjoy this party
Just after it finishes
This year really starts.


I’m pregnant. Pregnant from myself. And before, I didn’t know if I would give me birth or abort me. I was always thinking how could I let me born and take care of myself and everything else, so I had an idea. It started like a flash of light, on any December night of a winding year. I was sure about Literature inside of me, but I didn’t have notion of what to do with it.
Meanwhile today, exactly on Poetry National Day and on my 26 years birthday, I start my project. My pregnancy project. Today, I assumed it and from here nine months, I’ll let me born. During this period, my intention is to produce varied texts, to get involved on literary world, to put my nails on what I love. I want (and I will!) write what I use to write and what I never wrote too. Blank verses, sonnets, tales, chronicles… I want to write anything. I want to give myself birth once and for all for letters world. Sure I have my doubts. I don’t know what comes after my project – and if it comes. Now, I’m asking myself: how do I start a romance? I don’t know for certain, I just know I’m starting one.